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Saturday, February 06, 2016


February 6, 2016 marked the date that Anjelica Records presented Kevin Riley Ministries in “Restored for Worship IN MOTION.” The parking lot of PromiseLand Ministries began to fill with dancers and mimes who were anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share their ministry in this much anticipated event.

“Restored for Worship IN MOTION” is a praise dance showcase and competition that highlights the music by Christian Artist, Kevin Riley from his newest project, “Restored for Worship.” Dancers and Mimes are given the opportunity to select a track from the album and share their gift in a competitive friendly environment for a chance to receive a trophy and cash prize. Vendors are also given the opportunity to support the event by showcasing their merchandise.

Jennifer Coleman-Lawyer aka “Jenni Love” of JoyNet Radio was the host for "Restored for Worship IN MOTION" Cycle 1. The stage was set and the RFW (Restored for Worship) Band set the atmosphere with melodious sounds of worship. Bishop D. Anthony Robinson of Changed Life Ministries in North Little Rock, Arkansas called the event to order with opening remarks, scripture and prayer, followed by an introduction of the host by Anjelica Records CEO, Francez Castro.

The panel of judges was an “All Star” cast of professionals from the Central Arkansas area who scored the performers on specific criteria. The lineup of dancers and mimes included “Heart of Worship,” Angel Miles, “Judah Praise,” Beneal Smith, “Dancers for Messiah,” Latrice Buckner, Darrius Orr, “God’s Love” & “Spiritual Warriors.”
After an evening of worship through movement, the Artist, Kevin Riley, took the stage and ministered two songs from his project. Accompanied by the musical group, “Determined” in addition to Melody King and Tina Johnson, Riley ministered one of his album favorites, “Created for Worship.” His second selection was a requested fan favorite, “Via Dolorosa.”

Once scored were tallied, the winners for the evening were announced. Third place winner who performed to the song “So Amazing” was Latrice Buckner. Second place winner who also performed to the song “So Amazing” was Beneal Smith. The first place winner for the first cycle of “Restored for Worship IN MOTION” was “Spiritual Warriors” who performed to the title track, “Restored for Worship.” 

The Spiritual Warriors is a group of young people from St. Paul A.M.E. in Arkadelphia who minister through dance and drill team. The group was formed in the summer of 2008 under the direction of Katrina Harvey. The group started with seven children between the ages of 7-11. Today, that number has grown to 17 members between the ages of 8-18. Their purpose and mission is to bring God’s message to life through movement and to equip the members with the Bible knowledge, lessons, and foundation that they will need as they grow older. The team members are being equipped to put on the whole armor of God and stand up as Spiritual Warriors for Christ. 

“Restored for Worship IN MOTION” is a traveling event that will be coming to a city near you! Stay tuned for the next cycle of RFWIM!


Sunday, July 19, 2015


On Sunday evening, July 19, 2015, the Summit Church in North Little Rock was the setting for the debut concert of Anjelica Records’ newest roster Artist, Pastor and Psalmist, Kevin Riley.  This All-White Affair was nothing short of amazing as the people gathered, dressed for the occasion.  From the beautiful décor to the anointed music, this event exuded excellence.


“When I walked in the lobby, it was most eloquent; very orderly and peaceful. The Spirit of Excellence was in operation! I was very excited to be there!” said attendee Montina Bell.  “As I entered the sanctuary and took a seat near the front, I was anticipating a wonderful worship experience. From the very opening exhortation, tears began to fall! It was like standing in the very presence of the MOST HIGH.”


After a light reception, Pastor Ronnie Allman of Fort Worth, TX kicked off the evening of worship with one of his original songs followed by Pastor Kaderick Jones of New Perspective Church in Little Rock, AR who led the gathering in prayer and exhortation.  After introducing guest psalmist, Shereé Holmes, the atmosphere shifted to another level.  Elder Holmes and her team set the atmosphere and the Presence of God saturated the place.


After Holmes and her team left the stage, Pastor Ronnie Allman performed a ceremony between Francez Castro, CEO of Anjelica Records and Kevin Riley.  The ceremony was a public acknowledgement of the contractual agreement between the two parties deeming Anjelica Records as the managing representation for Kevin Riley, the Artist.

After being presented to the people by Francez Castro, Kevin Riley debuted his new album, “Restored for Worship” by singing some of the songs from the project.  The crowd was enthralled by the passion by which Riley ministered and gave great applause as they were blessed by his ministry.


“From Pastor Jones, to Shereé, to you, you all were good!  You have like a production thing with your music.  It was very different!” said attendee Michael Dotson to Kevin Riley.


“Restored for Worship” by Kevin Riley is now available on all digital outlets i.e. CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and more!  This 16 track album is filled with biblical narrations and songs that will definitely bless the listener.


Sunday, July 20, 2014


EPIC, SOUL STIRRING, MANNA, SATISFACTION...that was the takeaway from Sunday Night’s Ultimate Worship Release that was held at the SUMMIT CHURCH in North Little Rock, AR by Kevin Riley Ministries. Worshipers gathered from all over to Experience the Atmosphere with Pastor Kevin Riley. It was a release, indeed, with Pastor Kaderick Jones serving as Host/Worship Leader followed by local artists, groups and psalmists including Roswald Murchison and Rejuvenated for Christ, Psalmist LaTaveya Franklin and Evangelist Faye Mosby. Accenting the atmosphere of worship through the ministry of dance were Minister Jonathan Womack & Shayla Wilson aka Heart of Worship, Minister Marlean Acker and Minister Rose Wiggins. The anointing that they released into the atmosphere was nothing short of amazing!

Not to be mistaken for a concert, The Ultimate Worship Release lived up to its title allowing worshipers to maximize on this golden opportunity to marinate in the Presence of the Lord. Pastor Kevin Riley took the stage and ministered under the power and authority of the Holy Spirit with familiar ballads like HE’S STILL GOD and JESUS YOU ARE along with his newest anthem IN AWE OF YOU. The anointing was inescapable as he sang and spoke into the lives of God’s people. 

In her intro, Yolanda Yogi Harris says, "I thought I knew Gospel Music...I thought I had the industry down pat, until I met Kevin Riley. Everything from Riley's itinerary to winning awards can be described in one word - EFFORTLESS! That’s what happens when you allow God to be smarter than you. While others are chasing success, Riley is chasing the heart of God and success happens.”

Riley’s heart is so pure in his service for God that The Ultimate Worship Release was a FREE event, there was no offering taken up nor were there any product sold. Instead, Riley blessed all attendees with a FREE copy of his Freshman project, JUST ME and YOU as well as FREE download cards for his two newest singles, HOW CAN I and IN AWE OF YOU. 

Kevin Riley Ministries is a refreshing, yoke destroying, purpose driven, God-dependent, global impacting gift to the body of Christ. Anticipation for the next worship release is already building. Riley is planning to release the date in the coming weeks. The new singles, HOW CAN I and IN AWE OF YOU, are available for download on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Google Play and several other digital outlets.


Praise & Worship Solo Artist of the Year (2013)


Little Rock, AR Gospel Indie Artist Kevin Riley is embarking on an incredible journey as a psalmist and worship leader. This Artist returned from Atlanta, Georgia where he  was the recipient of the Season 3 Prayze Factor People's Choice Award for Praise and Worship Solo Artist of the Year. This ministry team also competed as a finalist in the championship Grand Finale on Saturday night that included a red carpet reception, photo op and live performance on the Prayzefest Gospel Network. The entire weekend was filled with training sessions from industry professionals, artist showcases and Gospel music vendors across the country. 


Kevin Riley was the guest psalmist for the Sunday Morning Trailblazer Honors “An Encounter with Jesus.” After hard work and preparation to get to the awards, rehearsing, traveling, sessions and events, "An Encounter With Jesus" is exactly what everyone needed. Kevin Riley delivered a powerful and soul stirring worship that invoked singers to empty themselves at the altar and return to their homes refreshed and renewed to continue their ministry.


Manager and Publicist Yolanda Yogi Harris says, “It’s not a service, it’s an experience…out of the box Kingdom Music." Kevin Riley is as authentic as they come...he is the whole package of consistency, integrity, humility and excellence from the studio to the stage. As an artist who has a firm confidence and faith in God alone, Kevin Riley has redefined what it truly means to be an “INDEPENDENT” Artist. As CEO of In His Presence Productions, Inc., Kevin Riley brings a presence with him that escorts worshippers beyond the boundaries of religion, race, gender and geography into the face of God. 


Saturday, March 9, 2013


Kevin Riley showered the Lord our God in worship on the night of his album release debut concert held at Victory Fellowship in Bryant, AR on March 9, 2013. With special guests Dani Phillips & Throwback Choir along with the highly anointed Deborah Company, PromiseLand Dance Ministry and Sis. Heather Polston, this was an evening that will not be forgotten. This was not your typical concert, but it was a night of pure worship. The presence of the Lord saturated the place as the people entered into the Most Holy Place.

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